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This represents the complete agreement between Jamaica Online Information Services limited and the Jamaica Online Access Account Customer. Jamaica online and the customer agree that Jamaica Online will provide certain Internet access services and that the customer will pay for those services in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.

Jamaica Online may revise or modify this agreement (including terms,conditions, and or prices) at any time without prior notice, and any such revisions or modifications will become effective upon the date of their posting to Jamaica Online website or on the date stated in the agreement, if a date is so stated. If the customer does not accept the terms of this agreement, the customer must provide Jamaica Online (immediately on receipt of the agreement) with a written request that the account be deactivated. Customers acceptance of the terms of this agreement is further indicated by the customer connecting and logging on to the Jamaica Online network, or making a payment for service.


A customer is an individual or business that establishes an account with Jamaica Online for the purpose of accessing the Internet via electronic computer interface with Jamaica Online computer network. Unlimited access means their will be no time or usage charges applied to the customers account, and does not mean the user has unrestricted use or access. A dial-up account means an account used by one user from a single computer at a time. The dial-up account is used by the customer to connect to Jamaica Online network from time to time and engaged in normal Internet or World Wide Web activities as desired, after which time the user is expected to disconnect. Running Internet servers via a Jamaica Online dial-up account is expressly prohibited. Continuous unbroken use is expressly prohibited.

A dedicated IP account means an account by which the customer is assigned a telephone number exclusively with no connection restriction applied.


(a) Jamaica Online will provide its customers with access to the Internet as outlined on that Jamaica Online website and pricing literature. Prices are subject to change with 15 days prior notice to the customer.

(b) Jamaica Online will provide customers with set-up procedures in hard copy or electronically

(c ) Jamaica online and the customer will have the ability to access numerous sites on the Internet containing a broad variety of documents, images, and items of information. Some of these documents, images or items of information may be offensive to individual customers. Jamaica Online and the customer agree that it is the customerís sole responsibility to monitor the customerís personal access to these sites, and that he/she will also be responsible for access to these sites by any minor or adult using  his/her access account, whether such use of the customers account is with or without  his/her consent.

(d) Jamaica Online clean website policy: Jamaica Online prohibits any customer or other individual from storing on Jamaica Online computers any documents, images, or items of information which, in the sole judgement of Jamaica Online management, is offensive, pornographic, or would potentially be considered illegal if published with any community.
(e) The customer agrees that he/she will adhere to any laws related to the use of copyrights and trademarks of materials accessed over the Internet or uploading to sites on the internet and the customer further agrees to adhere to any laws enacted to govern the use of, or access to the internet.

2. Customer use of access accounts

Each Jamaica Online access account requires a username and password which is provided to Jamaica Online by the customer at the time the account is established. Jamaica Online dial-up accounts are provided to customers for their individual use. Customers may use this account to access the Internet from any computer or from any location. The customer may allow other individuals to use this account. However, JAMAICA ONLINE EXPRESSLY PROHIBITS THE CONCURRENT USE OF AN ACCESS ACCOUNT BY MORE THAN ONE INDIVIDUAL OR BUSINESS. In the event this occurs, Jamaica Online will log off from the network all concurrent users of the account. The management of Jamaica Online may, at its sole discretion, suspend or terminate any customers account if it determines that the customer is violating any of the terms of this agreement.

(b) The customer agrees not to use any programs, devices, or processes via Jamaica Online network for the purpose of accessing computer files, programs, or network for which it does not have permission to access.

(c) The customer agrees not to knowingly upload to any Jamaica Online computer or other computers on the Internet any files containing a computer virus. In addition, the customer agrees that it will not use its access account, or any Jamaica Online computer, for the purposes of conducting business or activities prohibited by law.

(d) The customer agrees that he/she will not use his/her access account, or any Jamaica Online computer for the purposes of conducting business over the Internet unless the account is specifically provided by Jamaica Online as a business account designated for such purposes.

(e) The Customer agrees that he/she will not make any claims (including attorneys' fee) against Jamaica Online for loss from business interruptions resulting from the customers use of his/her access account.

(f) Jamaica Online, at its discretion, can log off from the network any access connection that has been idle for more than 30 minutes. DialĖup account customers may not use any program or device intended to simulate line activity, and may not use programs or devices which will automatically reconnect their computer to Jamaica Online network when disconnected.

(g) The customer is responsible for acquiring a knowledge and understanding of standard Internet practices and behavior. Jamaica Online management may, at its sole discretion, suspend or terminate the customerís account if it determines that the customers is intentionally violating these practices. These may include but are not limited to unsolicited email/newsgroup spamming. Denial of service attacks, and harassment or malicious conduct.

(h) For purposes of network and modem pool management and at the discretion of Jamaica Online customers may be logged off of the network after two hours of continuous access during peak periods, can log back on at any time with a minimum delay of an hour. All other dial-up account customers may be logged off of the network after four hours of continuous access, with a minimum delay of an hour after which time they can log back on at any time.

3. Pricing for Services

(a) Jamaica Online reserves the right to modify its prices or services at any time. Jamaica Online will provide notice of any changes to its customers by e-mail or by posting the notice on Jamaica Online website. It is the responsibility of the customer to remain abreast of such notices by browsing the appropriate section of Jamaica Online website from time to time

(b) Price changes will take effect and will be charged to the customer in the billing cycle immediately following the month in which the notice is posted to Jamaica Online.

Payment for services

(A) All periodic payments for Jamaica Online Access Account services will be made by the customer in advance. Jamaica Online services and billing will commence on the date the customer submits his/her sign-up information to Jamaica Online. Registration/ set-up fees are non-refundable.

(B) Credit cards within the first five business days of each month, Jamaica Online will automatically charge each credit card customer's credit card for the amount the customer has agreed to pay. Note the initial charge will occur in the billing cycle following customer sign up. It will include the setup charge and the first month of service. We encourage customers to use this method as the preffered method of payment.

(C) Cheque customers with the exception of certain business accounts, customers paying by cheque will be billed monthly. An invoice will be generated usually in the month preceding the first day of each month and payment is 12 days from invoice. Initial partial quarters will be prorated. Payments are not refundable.

(D) Payments may be paid at Paymasters locations islandwide to credit to the account within 48 hours of receipt

(F) Exceptions arrangements  for other methods of payment can be made between the customer and Jamaica Online Payments can be made quarterly, biannually or annually a 5-7%discountwill be applied to the account

(G) Delinquent accounts an account is delinquent if payment is not received its due date as specified in this agreement. Delinquent accounts are subject reconnection fee US$10. In addition delinquent accounts will be suspended meaning access to the internet via Jamaica Online will be denied until all amounts due are paid in full

(H) Bad cheques Insufficient funds/credit denied If Jamaica Online processes customers cheque or is refused for insufficient funds Jamaica Online may charge the customer a processing fee of US$15. If Jamaica Online processes a charge to a customers credit card and it is refused for any reason, Jamaica Online may charge the customer a processing fee of US$15.

(I) Customers that require temporary suspension may be requires to pay 50% of the reconnection fee

Canceling your account

(A) Customers must provide Jamaica Online with written notice of cancellation.

(B) Credit card will make final payment in the billing cycle immediately following Jamaica Online receipt  of the cancellation notice and service will continue until the end of the final month for which they are billed.

(C) Customers paying quarterly will not be billed again after receipt by Jamaica Online of their cancellation notice and service will continue until the end of the quarter for which the customer has already paid or is owing. No refunds of quarterly payments will be made.

(D) Customers requiring temporary suspension must inform the company in writing to qualify for a credit on their account.

Confidentiality and security

(A) Customers must use confidential usernames, e-mail names and passwords. It is the customers responsibility to keep these confidential. Jamaica Online databases containing any customer information including usernames, e-mail names and passwords are password protected and access to this information is restricted only to authorized Jamaica Online personnel. Once password is changed is not available to JOL personnel

(B) Any information provided by a customer to Jamaica online is considered confidential and treated accordingly. Jamaica Online employs encryption technology where available and applicable. Data files residing on Jamaica Online computer network are backed-up on a regular basis. Access to this network is password protected and is restricted only to authorized Jamaica Online Personnel.

Revised July 1999

Any questions or comments relating to the terms and conditions of Jamaica Online user agreement should be directed by e-mail to